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Mackie K. Hartwig, D.C.,  is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, and from 1986 -2005,  practiced in Fresno, California which is in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.   After learning to treat spinal conditions of many animals, he retired to concentrate on the well being of horses.
Dr. Hartwig is the president and CEO of "Equine Challenge Supplements™" which is a forage specific, highly bioavailable nutritional supplement for horses which is manufactured within the guidelines set forth by the National Animal Supplement Council. 

Services Include:

Natural Barefoot Trimming in the greater Fresno area
Equine Nutritional Counseling
Equine Rehabilitation Services

Horses are one of God’s most splendid and magnificent animals and are a privilege to work with.  Horses do not lie, cheat or steal and are appreciative in the moment.  They are not malicious or duplicitous and  with kind and just treatment, horses are quite devoted.  If this is not enough to thoroughly love horses, they also smell great!

                                "Equine Stewardship.......It's what you do when no one is watching"
                                                                                                                Dr. Mackie Hartwig, D.C.

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